We’re a tribe of heart & hustle.

Our roots—and our HQ—are in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We’re a group of highly ambitious, collaborative, and entrepreneurial spirits that love what we do and the environment we do it in. And while Philly is home, the world is our frontier. The full Mobile Outfitters tribe is a tight-knit family located all around the world.

Interested in joining the team? HQ Careers

Becca Lormeus Junior Digital Designer
Dan Maroun Chief Operating Officer
Dan McClam Global Trade Compliance/
Logistics Supervisor
Darren McDowell Software Engineer
Dennis O'Donnell Co-Founder

Dennis has been with Mobile Outfitters since 2007, when he and Eric founded the company. Dennis has a deep interest in the dynamics of small business and the ability for great product design and material science to solve everyday problems. He lives in Philadelphia where he can be found running, hiking, or voiding the warranty on something in his house.

Aieshan Paiva Production Team Member l
Lindsay Raynes VP of Finance
Greg Rytel Purchasing/
Inventory Manager
Sloane Smyth Quality Supervisor
Janice Snowden Executive Assistant
Ilias Storti Industrial Designer
Jamal Suboh Director of Development & Support
Destiny Thorpe Production Team Member l
Bryan Vandegrift Accounts Receivable Manager
Janessa Washington Production
Team Member II
Paul Yeskelawitch Production Team Member II
Adam Yesner Production Team Member II